Програма академiчних обмiнiв iменi Фулбрайта в Українi

8 грудня 2015

The Unconference: The Role of the Teacher in the Classroom Today

December 8, 2015 Round Table Discussion, 4-6 p.m.
Location: America House, 6 Mykoly Pymonenka St., Kyiv
Working Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian

Come and share your views with Ukrainian and American teachers, parents, students and concerned citizens.
Help us produce a list of recommendations that can foster the evolution of Ukraine's education system.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

You are cordially invited to participate in the unconference "The Role of the Teacher in the Classroom Today," to be held on Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 4-6 p.m., at America House (6 Mykoly Pymonenka St., Kyiv).

As Ukraine takes steps toward securing a new future, there is much debate on what should stay and what should go. Are all changes good? Is doing things the old-fashioned way sometimes the best way?

For our roundtable discussion on December 8 we will discuss the role of the teacher in the classroom today. What needs to be reformed? What should not change? Should the teacher carry full responsibility for student learning? What role does the student play in achieving results? What about parents, what role do parents play in the learning process? Should a teacher's salary depend on the results he or she provides?  Does using technology in the classroom help students learn better?  How much of a role do precise and consistent classroom management techniques play in achieving a positive learning environment? What about respect? How important is respect in the classroom? Do teaching methods in school and at the university level overlap or do they differ greatly?

On Dec.8 we will also discuss the effect that humanist vs. authoritarian classroom management styles have on students and the learning process. Is the Bologna system all that it's cracked up to be?

What about standards? How do you raise teaching standards?  How do you become a better teacher? Is raising teacher salaries an effective way to achieve excellence in teaching? Why do some teachers appear unmotivated? Why are some students unmotivated?  What role does curricula administered by the state serve in the learning process: does it detract or enhance outcomes? Are all players in the education sphere working toward a common goal or are teachers and administrators working at cross purposes?

Assessment: Are teachers afraid to give low grades because they fear they could lose their jobs? Are university pressures related to getting financial support from the state unfairly placed on teachers' shoulders? What rights do teachers have in Ukraine?

Of course we cannot hold the discussion on Dec. 8 without reviewing education costs.  Does paying for your education guarantee a better result? Are Ukrainians ready to pay for all services related to education?  What about after-school programs?

These and other relevant topics will be discussed at this very important round table discussion. We invite teachers, parents and students to join us.  At the end of our discussion we hope to create a list of recommendations.

The round table discussion is being held under the auspices of the Fulbright Program in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Fulbright Circle.

The event will be moderated by Christine Demkowych, a Fulbright Scholar in 2008-2009, who taught at Zaporizhia National University as part of her Fulbright grant.  She also conducted national-level quantitative research on Student Attitudes Toward the Bologna Process of Education in Ukraine.  Ms. Demkowych was an Adjunct Professor at Towson University and the recipient of an Excellence in Teaching Grant from the Higher Education Support Program through the Open Society Institute, where junior-level university faculty from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe participated in seminars for two years.  Ms. Demkowych also founded and ran for nine years Ukraine's first independent English-language news service, IntelNews, which was sold to new owners in 1999. Ms. Demkowych is currently in Ukraine conducting research on Reforming the Education System in Ukraine.

Please submit your RSVP by Dec. 7 to guarantee a seat at the round table.