Програма академiчних обмiнiв iменi Фулбрайта в Українi

14 травня 2018

Presentations on Retirement Planning and Suicide Prevention. Discussion on Preparing/Submitting Articles for Publication in Western Scientific Journals

The Fulbright Program in Ukraine is pleased to invite you to the presentations on Retirement Planning and Suicide Prevention and a discussion  on Preparing/Submitting Articles for Publication in Western Scientific Journals, to be held on Monday, May 14, 2018, 6:00 p.m., at the Fulbright Office (20 Esplanadna Street, Suite 904, M "Palats Sportu", Kyiv).

Radion Svynarenko, Doctoral Candidate, University of Kentucky, KY
Social Beliefs about Family Obligations Vis-à-vis Retirement Planning

Although many Americans are concerned about planning for retirement, they often have difficulty balancing their long term financial needs and more immediate financial demands. Using a factorial vignette survey, this study was designed to examine the utility of five theories of intergenerational support-altruism, solidarity, reciprocity, ambivalence, and selfishness-for understanding how a national sample of Americans (N = 336) cognitively frame their decision-making when deciding between retirement planning and assisting an adult child with educational expenses.

Radion Svynarenko earned a Candidate of Sciences in psychology at Odesa I.I. Mechnykov National University. He is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Family Sciences at the University of Kentucky in the United States. He uses qualitative and quantitative methods to study intergenerational transmission, financial support within families, retirement planning, health literacy, and healthy aging.

Laura M. Frey, Assistant Professor, University of Louisville, KY
The Role of Disclosure and Family Reactions in U.S. Suicide Prevention

This presentation will demonstrate research on the disclosure process for individuals struggling with suicidal ideation and behavior. Dr. Frey will present stories of attempt survivors and how providers can create a safe, non-stigmatizing environment for disclosure. Additionally, this presentation will focus on the role of families in suicide prevention, specifically on how family responses can both help and hinder treatment seeking and adherence.

Laura M. Frey, Ph.D., LMFT, is an assistant professor of couple and family therapy in the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville in the United States. She is also a licensed marriage and family therapist and clinical supervisor of family therapy.  She studies the role of stigma and family interactions following a member's disclosure of suicidal ideation or behavior. She specializes in educating treatment providers and family members about responding to risk in ways that decrease stigma and promote treatment adherence.

Jason D. Hans, Professor, University of Kentucky; Editor, Family Relations; U.S. Fulbright Scholar 2017-2018, Odesa I.I. Mechnykov National University
Preparing and Publishing Manuscripts in Western Scientific Journals

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine now requires publication in recognized international journals for the Candidate of Science degree and Doctor of Science designation. However, manuscripts written by international scholars and submitted to social and behavior science journals in the United Sates tend to be rejected at a much higher rate than manuscripts written by American scholars. Dr. Hans will describe the publication process, describe the criteria upon which he evaluates manuscripts, and identify common mistakes by authors (and especially international authors). Time will be available for audience members to ask questions about the manuscript preparation and the publishing process.

Jason D. Hans, Ph.D., CFLE, is a professor in the Department of Family Sciences at the University of Kentucky in the United States and he is also Editor of Family Relations, which is commonly regarded as the premier applied journal of family science. Dr. Hans is also a two-time Fulbright Scholar in Ukraine (2010-2011, 2017-2018); this year he is teaching research methods, statistics, and manuscript preparation skills at Odesa I.I. Mechnykov National University.

Presentations will be conducted in English.

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