Програма академiчних обмiнiв iменi Фулбрайта в Українi

12 червня 2019

"Solaris" by Mihail Tyutyunik

"Solaris" by Mihail Tyutyunik

The Fulbright Program in Ukraine is pleased to invite you to an exhibition opening "Solaris" by Mihail Tyutyunik, painter, muralist, street artist and illustrator, Fulbright research fellow 2018-2019, to be held on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 6:00 p.m., at the Fulbright Office (20 Esplanadna Street, Suite 904, M "Palats Sportu", Kyiv).


The exhibition, (taking it's name from the famous Tarkovsky film) deals with the manifestation of inner desires brought upon by isolation and a mostly unfamiliar environment. Through the use of shape and color, the work delves into introspective self-portraiture depicted through dreamlike vignettes. Filtered through a lens of self-discovery, these paintings are a reaction to things not always going according to plan, forcing oneself to go inward to find meaning.

The paintings are influenced by experiences, struggles and triumphs from Mihail's time here on Fulbright grant in Ukraine.

Mihail Tyutyunik is a Ukrainian-born prolific painter, muralist, street artist and illustrator, living and working out of Brooklyn, New York. A graduate of the Pratt Institute, he has been making art his whole life and is taking over the New York art scene. His murals grace walls in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Miami and Mexico, and his paintings and illustrations have been sold all over the world.

Currently, Mihail Tyutyunik is pursuing several projects in Ukraine as a recipient of a Fulbright grant, and in collaboration with the Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine in Kyiv.

As a fine artist and muralist with more than 12 years of experience making community-based public art in the United States and abroad, through his Fulbright grant, Mihail brought his experience and cultural know-how to his native city of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Community engagement is a crucial part of Mihail's artmaking process. His focus is to bring community involvement to mural-making to Kyiv and change the landscape of cultural and urban development through public art based on the ideas and aspirations of the people that reside there. Misha uses his own experience - from being a child in Kyiv to being an artist in New York - to act as a cultural ambassador and liaison between the United States and Ukraine.

Through collaborative research, design, and fabrication processes that are centered on cultural exchange, Mihail engaged artists, volunteer participants and local residents in Kyiv, Sumy, Odesa in the creation of artworks that beautify public space, raise awareness of critical issues, and build bonds between neighbors.





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