Програма академiчних обмiнiв iменi Фулбрайта в Українi

16 березня 2018

The Yidan Prize 2018

The Yidan Prize 2018

The world's biggest education award Yidan Prize for Education Research is now opened for nomination.

Given on an annual basis, Yidan Prize reaches out to the world to recognize and support individuals for their most forward looking innovation that creates sustainable impacts on education system of today and tomorrow: http://yidanprize.org/en/tp-the-prize.php

Yidan Prize will invite nominators, comprising government bodies, non-government organizations and professional associations, individual thought leaders, to propose nominees. Self-nomination is allowed in exceptional cases. Nominees could be either an individual or a working team of up to three people - teachers, researchers, academics, policy makers, advocates and among others.

A valid nomination should be submitted through the online nomination system before the nomination deadline which include:

- a nomination form completed in English and in accordance with the word limits specified for each section;
- a minimum of two letters of support prepared by referees who endorse the nominee's achievement.

For self-nomination, a minimum of three letters of support are required; and other supplementary information, such as CV of nominee and copies of published education research of the nominee(s) (optional).



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